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Children's Furniture Designs Awarded Scholarships

"Six students from Western Washington University's Industrial Design program received recognition and $6,000 in scholarships for their children's furniture designs as a part of the annual Mount Baker Products Furniture Design Competition. Western students, children, parents and a panel of three community members selected the winning designs among 20 different student projects.
First prize and a $2,000 scholarship was awarded to William Losleben of Sultan for "Pupil," a penguin-inspired children's easel and desk; second prize and a $1,500 scholarship was awarded to Thomas Kloucek of Portland, Ore., for "Rocking Ship," a sideways rocking rocket ship with educational graphics; third prize and a $1,000 scholarship was awarded to Nolan Leh of Bellingham for "Cove Desk," an elegant minimum waste children's study desk that can be flattened for shipping; and fourth prize and a $500 scholarship was awarded to Heather Harris of Juneau, Alaska, for "Nigel," a plywood pelican with removable canvas bag hamper (pictures of individual projects avilable upon request).
The top four prize-winners were judged by Josh Thomson, owner of Josh Thomson Construction; Michael Flaherty, member of Artwood Gallery in Fairhaven and part-time faculty at Western Washington University; and Lisa Van Doren, owner of IDEAL: Carefully Curated Goods in downtown Bellingham.
Parents and their children awarded Kyle Thomas of Tacoma with the Parent and Child's Favorite Award and a $500 scholarship for his "Puzzlin' Giraffe," a rocking chair with interactive number and letter puzzle pieces. Western students awarded Paul Summerson of Sedro-Wooley with the Student Choice Award and a $500 scholarship for his "Turn Table," a round table with interactive functional gears.
Scholarship money and wood for the projects were provided by Mount Baker Products, Inc.
"The staff at Mount Baker Products immensely enjoys supporting this annual event. It has been a pleasure to witness the imagination, creativity, and enthusiasm that the Industrial Design students and their instructors bring to this contest," said Tim Shannon of Mount Baker Products. "We feel it has become a valuable educational experience for all involved."
(written by WWU office of communications)


DEEP said…
The designs are just would definately make a child happy..

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