Furniture Design Exhibition - Western ID graduates 2022 - part 1

Chair and ottoman design by Kelsey Leppek 2022

The industrial design class of Western Washington University 2022 exhibited their final chair design prototypes at HenryBuilt in Seattle, WA, USA. June 10.  A one night only exhibition.

This set was made with bent steel tubing and fabric cushions.

It was a packed crowd at the first graduate exhibition for WWU ID since 2019.

Side chair by Brianna Brown 2022.

Bent plywood connection detail. Brianna Brown.

Bent plywood chair by Rafer Stromme.

The two plywood forms are connected with a cast aluminum form.

Transformable furniture design by Trinity Montgomery 2022.
By changing the orientation and tying the braided rope this piece converts to various forms.

Arm chair and side table by Dylan Willis 2022.
This chair is made from aluminum sheet, cushions, and bolted together. It can be disassembled and packaged flat.

Lounge chair of bent steel and felt by Bo Baird 2022.

Each piece of felt strip was hand cut and connected with brass fasteners.

All photos by Jason Morris. Please attribute the designer if reposting. 

Check later for more photos from the exhibition...


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