More Chair and Furniture Designs from Young Designers in the Pacific Northwest

Dylan Willis

Bent aluminum sheet chair and side table by Dylan Willis 2022.

Constructed entirely from bent aluminum, this compact chair and side table are designed for urban living. By focusing on strict square geometry, the profile makes a statement in any interior. With the materials etched on the side, cushions that are replaceable, and the ability to be unbolted for flat-pack shipping, sustainability through the whole lifecycle is of highest importance.

Dylan Willis - Western Washington University Industrial Design
Outstanding Graduate 2022



Kelsey Leppek

Chair and ottoman of bent steel tubing by Kelsey Leppek 2022.

The North Point Chair is designed for comfort--it's the kind of lounge chair you have a hard time getting out of. Designed using powder coated steel tubing and upholstery velvet, the softness of the cushion and the curves of the frame contrast the rigidity of the metal tubing.

Kelsey Leppek - Western Washington University Industrial Design
IDSA Student Merit Award finalist 2022.
Dell King Scholarship Award Winner 2022.

Instagram: @kelsey.leppek

Prototyping in process.

Matthew Seeman
Chair design of cast aluminum and wood by Matthew Seeman.

This chair provided me with the opportunity to create a design that refers to grade school chairs of old with the seat and back surfaces having calm but playful curvature. Its overall attitude has grown up into a contemporary chair for the modern era.

This project has also allowed me to explore the steps of investment casting from start to finish, wood machining, welding, and other metal and wood working processes. As this project continues in the spring quarter I look forward to bring this chair into the real world and crossing my fingers that my final castings go according to plan.

Materials: Cast aluminum frame and White Oak ebonized with iron acetate
Instagram: @mattseemann
Casting the frame joints in aluminum at Western Washington Univ.

Asaki Nelson

Nesting chair, ottoman, and side table design by Asaki Nelson 2022.

Constructed from laminated CNC cut plywood.

Instagram @asakinelson


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