AI Drone Cameras for Content Creators - Concept Design Western ID + Logitech


Production Assistant
AI Drone Camera for Content Creators

by Madeleine Gerst, Elliot Quasha, and Alexandr Barbaras

Problem: Videographers struggle with heavy gear loads, tedious set-up processes for each shot, an intimidating learning curve and high prices for the hardware required to achieve professional grade content.

Luna is an AI drone flight camera to reduce equipment load, invite interaction, and be controlled hands free. It records audio and video based on voice commands, following the subject as needed. Then it uploads all files to one location seamlessly.

This was project by Western Washington University Industrial Design third year students with Ted Renwick of Logitech. January - March 2022.

You can follow these young designers on Instagram:

Madeleine Gerst @madeleinegdesign

Elliot Quasha @equashadesign

Alexandr Barbaras @alexandrbarr


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