Innovative Handheld Printer Scanner Design - Multiple Award Winner

VIA Handheld Printer & Scanner

designed by Matthew Koscica, Jasmine Schubert, Dylan Willis
Western Washington University Industrial Design

International Design Excellence Award - Bronze 2021 (IDEA) and
Winner of the Gray Award 2021 for student design and
Winner of Core77 Design Awards 2021 for Consumer Technology - Student Notable

This compact multi-tool acts as a portal between digital information and our physical world.

VIA, a handheld printer and scanner, is designed to reduce the pain points of conventional printing while bringing ease of use and excitement to the process. By allowing the human to be the driving force behind the printer, size is reduced, paper jams are avoided, and points of failure are lessened.


VIA uses emerging wide printhead technology and guidance rollers to achieve a single swipe, simple printing process. Current printers have limited use cases by having the paper advance through the printer, but by instead allowing the printer to be moved across, you can print on any flat surface, expanding the products use cases. Particularly in situations such as printing shipping labels directly on boxes. By providing a screen close to the printing surface, the user is able to preview the print as it comes out, providing both guidance and understanding of the print process. To further improve the process of sharing information between physical and digital spaces, it was important that we also included a scanning feature so that photos and documents can be seamlessly uploaded to one's phone for sharing.

detail of the print/scan hinge

replaceable ink cartridge

package design

description by the designers.

About the Gray Awards: Each year, the cross-disciplinary awards program invites the best and brightest in the fields of architecture, interiors, design, and fashion to enter their work for a coveted opportunity: to be honored at the party of the year as one of the most exciting practitioners in design today.


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